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Come meet the characters of  
 "What's My Missing Piece?"

(Mr. Leaf’s Story Characters)


Author & Creator: Whitney Huskey 

Mr. Leaf

Mr. Leaf is a fun guy who loves to have a great time with friends and welcomes others into anything he’s doing. He is searching for a place to belong and for family and friends to share his life with. He’s looking for who he is, how he fits in, and who he’s going to be. He is influenced in his decision-making, so he’s searching for good role models whose footsteps he can walk in as he paves his own unique path. He enjoys a good joke, wants to be seen, and is a loyal friend. He is eager to explore the right door for himself through the example given by his heritage, parents, community, and friends. Being young, he is learning quickly through observance, family traditions, and community experiences. 


Mr. Cloud

Mr. Cloud is a great listener, gives fantastic wisdom, and tells the most amazing stories. He is loving and patient as others learn something new. He gives great advice from the past and provides a clear path for others to follow. He enjoys playing board games, helping his neighbors, and laughing while sharing old memories and creating new ones with both friends and strangers alike. As a grandfather, he shares his journey of dreams and lets others stand on his shoulders to reach theirs. 

Mr. Rain

Mr. Rain is brave and courageous with a big heart. He’s the protector who continually looks out for the good of others. He stands on his God-given authority to govern his home and serve his country that he loves. He enjoys telling silly jokes while creating animated stories that take others on transformative adventures. They leave feeling strengthened and aware of their heritage with clear direction for their future. He is full of great advice and is a terrific coach, hero, and lifelong friend. As a dad, he’s someone who is always there and can always be trusted to love unconditionally. 


Ms. Rainbow

Ms. Rainbow is full of beautiful wonder with a fairly blank canvas who’s excited to paint her dreams upon it. She observes everything in sight, taking in the unlimited adventures of the day. Through her colorful personality, she lights up every room with her joy and contagious love for life. Resilient and ready to conquer any challenge, the sky’s the limit—nothing is impossible. The simple things and the big things are both huge in her view. All the moments in between are a great adventure for her to explore, grow, and share. She is a kid, full of pure innocence, contagious inquisitiveness, and childlike faith that will warm and inspire any heart. 

(Mr. Root’s Story Characters)


Mr. Root

Mr. Root is a deep thinker. He has a tender heart and a big influence on everyone around him. He’s learning about his history and past through tradition and family storytelling. He is generous and enjoys storytelling himself and laughing at both his and others’ jokes. He’s ready to keep learning and give back what’s been given to him. He is searching for something familiar but timeless that connects his past with his present and future. He gathers wisdom, laughter, and tears through his family’s journey and has tremendous hope for their tomorrows. He is a young adult who is inspiring to watch and passionate to help create a better today. 


Mr. Stone

Mr. Stone is willing to share his thoughts on almost any topic. He’s an expert in exploring the unknown. He believes in others 105% and encourages them every step of the journey. He colors outside the lines and encourages others to explore new possibilities too. He’s a tease and enjoys a good joke. As a faithful friend, he’s the best ally in any game or battle that could arise. He enjoys music, incredible food, and teaching others through his vast and funny experiences. Like an uncle giving stability and a different perspective, he encourages others as they find their way.

Mrs. Well

Mrs. Well is an expert in knowing what others need before they realize they need it. She’s a friend, coach, and loyal secret-keeper too. She supports and encourages others’ dreams while inspiring creativity through leading by example. She defends and warms the hearts of everyone she meets. And she’s always ready to go to battle for what’s right through both prayer and action. She enjoys sitting with friends while sipping her coffee or tea, laughing, listening, and making them smile. She’s a mom, a treasure, and a handcrafted gift from God. 


Mr. Seed

Mr. Seed is educated in the Hebrew language and culture. There’s nothing he’d rather do than read and study old, historical books and writings. He enjoys reading, writing, and sharing interesting life lessons with whomever He meets. He is wise in his storytelling and confident in his foundation, giving wise advice and clear guidance. He is a Rabbi, problem solver extraordinaire, motivator, and counselor who leads others to the ultimate blueprint: the Word of God. 


Mr. Olive Tree

The center of our

Missing Piece...

A mystery, a hidden treasure, and the one we are all created and connected by...

A character who just loves to watch us and smile like a father watches his children. 

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