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About 1 New Kid

1 New Kid is an organization aiming to create local jobs involving multi-generational gathering destinations through resorts, amusement parks, family prayer centers, marriage restoration centers, family media companies and training centers for national and international replication providing a wholesome family entertainment alternative.

1 New Kid is committed to Curriculum Creation for preschools, K-12 schools, family prayer centers, churches and synagogues, and home gatherings. Curriculum will have family music, several children’s book series, animation series, and movies with brand merchandise to provide a multi-generational experience.

About Whitney

Whitney Huskey has worked with families, children, ministers, and educators for several years creating and implementing effective content. She has been a children's pastor, co-senior pastor, teacher, and substitute teacher (pre-K through 12th grade), coach in various forms, Fundraiser Coordinator, and Property Manager.

Along with creating and running an after-school program and preteen discipleship program, she led a summer program, led and coached children’s team members, and choreographed, wrote, and coached plays/dramas. She has been honored to be a family camp speaker as well as a children's/youth speaker on various occasions. She has also created and implemented her curriculum at both a private school and a church.

Whitney Huskey is working on the 1 New Kid book series, “What's My Missing Piece?” while helping her daughter work on her family comic book series. She is forming teams and looking for people to help bring 1 New Kid to life through family entertainment, education, and more with music, curriculum, book series, animation, family prayer centers, family gathering places, and retreat centers. Her heart is to provide multigenerational and multicultural avenues and venues for families and communities to thrive with the values and comfort of home.

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